In a new interview with, actor Ben Daniels, who plays Father Marcus in Fox’s new The Exorcist series, revealed original Exorcist creator and author William Peter Blatty will be visiting the set of the upcoming psychological thriller – and Linda Blair is more than welcome to join him.

“That would be an awesome day at work. I’m sure they’re thinking of it. I do know someone is bringing William Peter Blatty to set while we’re shooting, so I’m already really excited about that.”

Daniels’ sentiments are echoed by writer/producer Jeremy Slater who continues to stress that the show is not a remake and will acknowledge the events of Blatty’s novel and the 1973 film, leaving it open for some of the original cast members to reprise their roles or feature in a cameo.

“Were not writing the movie people love out of existence; we are saying that story happened and this is 40 years later with a brand-new cast of characters and a brand-new story. The original is a perfect film in every single way. You will never tell that story better – only longer.

Linda Blair? Call us. We would love to have her in a cameo. But if we bring in Linda or anyone from the original film part of the fun would be doing something you wouldn’t expect, like make her a bad-ass nun, but mainly just so I can geek out with her on set.”

Slater also insists the show is not going to become “The X-orcist Files”.

“If you get to episode three and Fathers Marcus and Thomas are teaming up to solve the case of ‘The Jersey Devil’ you have gone badly off the rails. Then the show is just ‘Sexy Priests,’ and while there might be an audience for that, I wouldn’t know how to write that show. A big part of the reason I took the job was to prevent someone else from remaking ‘The Exorcist.’ What we’re aiming for is to build on that world and what’s happening 40 years later.”

Academy Award winner Geena Davis, who leads the cast as Angela Rance, a mother convinced her family is the target of a dark entity, also spoke briefly about watching the original film for the first time and why she took the role in the new series.

“I was horrified and terrified by it. Everyone I know seems to have seen it when they were 13, no matter how old they are. I saw it at the drive-in! I can’t believe my parents would let me see ‘The Exorcist.’   Maybe they just didn’t know.

I’d read the script and thought it was a very cool idea. It was so well written.  I love that it’s a different take on it. There’s a reference to the stairs and the two priests from the original, so it is a world where we know that happened. It’s just much later and now happening again.”

The first episode of The Exorcist will screen next month at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con ahead of its Fox debut on September 23.