Despite rave reviews and demand from fans, the future of Fox’s The Exorcist is still up in the air.

During an executive session at the 2017 winter Television Critics Association press tour yesterday, Fox chairman Gary Newman and entertainment president David Madden discussed the prospect of both The Exorcist and baseball drama Pitch returning for second seasons, and while neither show has yet to be cancelled, fans may be waiting quite a while before hearing of any final decisions.

“We’re proud of it [Pitch]. Dan and his team did a great job. We’d love to have seen a bigger audience, but it had a loyal core fan base, and there was a lot of delayed viewing. The show is specific; it’s about something,” explained Newman. “I don’t think the performance level enabled us to make an early decision, as we get to May, we’ll consider it. Do we have a place for it on our schedule where we can grow it?” 

Madden says it’s the same scenario for The Exorcist. “We are having conversions with producers about what we can do in the second season. But like with Pitch, we can’ t make a decision yet.”

Although it premiered back in September to less-than-stellar ratings, The Exorcist was, critically, one of the most well-received series launches of 2016, managing to win over even the most cynical of fans (admittedly, myself included) and finally break the infamous “Exorcist Curse,” giving a much-needed refresh to what had become a stale and predictable sub-genre of horror.

This is particularly impressive given the franchise’s turbulent history, plagued with disastrous re-shoots, box-office flops and one of the worst sequels of all time (John Borman’s Exorcist II: The Heretic).

So while we eagerly await an official word from Fox with bated breath, in the meantime you can continue to let them know you want a second season by tweeting them @FOXTV and spreading the word with the hashtag #renewtheexorcist.