After months of speculation, Fox have finally answered fan’s prayers and announced The Exorcist will be returning to the network for a second season.

Although details are still scarce, other than Fox teasing “a new chapter of the iconic franchise,” it’s likely we will see the return of Father Marcus (Ben Daniels) and Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) as they continue the good fight against the demonic entities that plagued the city of Chicago in season one.

Despite the show receiving fairly low ratings (which can be partially contributed to its Friday night time slot), The Exorcist was, critically, one of the best-received series of 2016 and quickly garnered a following of die-hard fans who have been actively campaigning for a renewal since the finale in December.

The buzz surrounding a possible second season has been huge, so naturally a lot of people are very excited to hear the excellent news. Check out some of the cast & crew reactions below: