Actress and humanitarian Linda Blair celebrates her 58th birthday tomorrow, 22nd January 2017, and you can help turn her birthday wish into a reality this year by making a donation to the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation and aiding in the fight against animal abuse.

The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation is a non-profit organization built of a group of inspired and motivated volunteers who work tirelessly to fight animal cruelty by educating the public, animal rescue, and finding loving families to give the helpless a second chance at a happy life. Founded by Oscar nominated and renown animal activist Linda Blair to bring the much needed attention to the growing problems related to animal welfare and the work required to stop animal abuse and neglect.

Linda sent out this message to fans via Facebook this week:

It’s my birthday week and I’m sending out my birthday wish – to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home the wonderful companion dogs that are being abandoned at alarming rates. However, I need your help to make this happen. 

I’m asking you to participate in my birthday donation challenge. 

Rescuing lives comes at a great expense – housing, heat in the winter months, cooling mechanisms for the hot desert summers, water and electricity for laundry and dishwashing, veterinary care, food, toys, bedding, etc. And while we receive in-kind donations such as towels and blankets, it’s not enough to fill the financial gap. We need your monetary contributions to continue the rescue work we do.

California is seeing record-breaking rainfall cause an unbelievable amount of damage to businesses and homes. It also means families are displaced and often times their beloved pets end up in the already overcrowded shelter system through no fault of their own.

Your donations allow us to continue to save these innocent, and now homeless, dogs. These pups are begging for help as they sit in an unfamiliar place – scared, cold, alone and waiting for a loving soul to rescue them.

And it’s not just the dogs suffering from the flood conditions who need us. It’s dogs whose families have lost their homes, dogs who have lost their way, dogs that folks could no longer take care of for one reason or another. Won’t you help me, so I can, in turn, help them?

Please make a donation for my birthday to LBWF right now and help me see my birthday dream come true! I’ve always had a dream to make the world a better place for the animals, but now it’s an emergency!

With Gratitude,

Linda Blair

There are multiple ways you can show your support for the foundation.

If you would like to make a donation to Linda’s birthday fundraiser, you can do so here. It’s quick, simple and every little bit helps! There are also other specific causes you can make a donation to, such as Beckett’s fundraiser to help towards expensive medical costs to remove his malignant tumor.

If you’d like to set-up a recurring (monthly) donation, you can do so through the LBWHF website, which also contains information on the many essentials needed at the shelters than you can also donate (such as food, toys, bedding, cleaning equipment, and stationary). It’s possible to purchase and send food, treats and toys for the dogs directly to the foundation via their Amazon wishlist.

Linda is also offering autographed copies of her book, Going Vegan!, for $30 (price includes shipping within the US) with 100% of the proceeds going towards the foundation. Details here.

We wish Linda Blair a very happy birthday, and thank you for your continued hard work towards making the world a better place for these beautiful animals.