When Fox first announced they would be bringing The Exorcist to the small screen, most people automatically assumed it would be a remake, or “reimagining”, of the Blatty / Friedkin classic. Producers were quick to squash those rumours, and when the series premiered to rave reviews in September, it proved to stand on its own two feet, existing within the same universe as the original but introducing us to a fresh new story and characters.

However during the final moments of last night’s fifth episode, Through My Most Grievous Fault, a huge twist was thrown into the mix which nobody saw coming – and it changes everything.

Fox’s The Exorcist is actually a direct sequel the original. How? Well, if you have yet to actually watch any of the series, we highly recommend you do so before reading any further. But if you love to be spoiled…

Last night it was revealed that Angela Rance, played by Geena Davis, is actually none other than a grown-up Regan MacNeil, hiding under an alias in an attempt to escape her past. Regan believes the demon is now using her daughter Casey in order to get through to her.

The episode also paid homage to one of the most iconic images from the original 1973 film as we are re-introduced to Chris MacNeil, who arrives at the Rance’s family home as a mysterious, silhouetted figure shrouded in fog, in search of her estranged daughter.

So what does this mean for the next 5 episodes? Could Regan ultimately make the same sacrifice for Casey that Karras made for her? It’ll be very interesting to see what direction the writers take the show in now, which returns to Friday nights on Fox after the World Series in two weeks.

In the meantime, check out these fascinating script pages annotated by writer David Grimm and producer Jeremy Slater, which break down and give further explanation behind two of the episode’s most pivitol scenes.

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