#ExorcistCongregation, get your crucifixes ready!

While it almost felt like forever as we waited with bated breath for news on the fate of Fox’s The Exorcist, it seems like it’s now all-go on production of the second season as Fox have officially announced the release date of the new series – and there’s not long to go!

The first episode of the much-anticipated second season will air on Friday, September 29.

While we’re still in the dark on what exactly the new season will entail, we can expect to see Ben Daniels, Alfonso Herrera, and Kurt Egyiawan return to their respective roles to tackle a new case of demonic possession. Geena Davis and co. are not set to return, however series creator and executive producer Jeremy Slater has not ruled out the Rance family making an appearance down the line.

With this also comes the news via Deadline that Jason Ensler, who directed Chapters 5 and 10 of the first season, will be returning as a director for the second season, and will also join Slater as an executive producer on the show.

You can catch up on the first season of The Exorcist streaming now on Hulu.