In a recent talk with the Hudson Union Society, Oscar-winning actress and star of The Exorcist explains why she believes the film still manages to have such a profound effect on audiences even after 43 years.

“It’s very real – the story, the people, the level of reality in the performances. I think it draws the audience in so that they’re hooked into the characters before it starts getting what could be… hard to believe, if you weren’t already engaged.”

Burstyn also touches upon the infamous “Exorcist Curse” and the many deaths that occurred during the making of the film, including a security guard who was hired after her belongings were stolen from the dressing rooms.

“We hired a security guy to just be in the dressing rooms at night… he was a young African American who got shot and killed by police because he came out of his building and put his hand in his pocket and they thought he was reaching for a gun. As if you’ve never heard that story before, right?”

You can watch the video above.