Forty-four years after William Friedkin unleashed his magnum opus, The Exorcist, upon unsuspecting audiences in 1973, the Oscar-winning director is returning to the exorcism genre in the form of a new documentary titled The Devil and Father Amorth.

Filmed over a period of months early-to-mid 2016, The Devil and Father Amorth will explore how techniques used in The Exorcist compare to the real-life rituals performed by chief exorcist for the diocese of Rome, Father Gabriele Amorth, as he attempts his ninth exorcism on a troubled Italian woman experiencing symptoms of diabolical possession.

The film will also weigh-in expert opinions from some of the world’s leading neurosurgeons and psychiatrists.

“I’ve never stopped being fascinated by the nature of good and evil, and the possibility of demonic possession,” Friedkin said of the documentary, which is currently in post-production and will be distributed by LD Entertainment, who also handled Friedkin’s brilliantly twisted Killer Joe“The opportunity for me to witness and film an actual exorcism came about, more than four decades after I made The Exorcist, completely by accident.” 

“I am thrilled to be working again with Billy Friedkin, who is one of the greatest and most prolific filmmakers of our time,” added LD’s founder, Mickey Liddell. “This documentary shook me to my core and made me wonder – could demonic possession really exist?”

Friedkin had previously written about his experiences with Father Amorth in a fascinating piece for Vanity Fair, which you can read here.